As a touring musician, I've seen lots of massage and physical therapists all over the country. Ellyn has the sensitivity to know what needs to be done and the experience, knowledge and technique to know how to take care of it.  Ellyn is the best!

-Paul Richards, Musician, The California Guitar Trio

Ellyn's hands worked wonders on me - got both body and mind straight on some issues.

-Gino Vannelli, Musician

Ellyn’s teaching is supercharged by her incisive and embodied intelligence; her no-nonsense irreverent pragmatism cuts across methodological and generational boundaries in just the right way to uniquely inspire her students.

-Til Luchau, CAR™, Lead Instructor and Director of

Ellyn has used her skills in Rolfing to release the tissue and allow my body to heal and recover after my hard workouts.

-Jason A.

Ellyn is a natural born teacher with many years of experience instructing bodyworkers.  She possesses the critical skills to communicate complex and sophisticated concepts in a clear and intelligible way while bringing a liveliness and humor to the classroom.  That is a rare combination and makes the time spent under her instruction worth every minute.

-George Sullivan, CAR™, Faculty member of


I love Ellyn’s work. The sequencing, her teaching style and her clinical skills are amazing. Her classes help me as a body worker and Physical herapist to move through the regions and layers improving mobility, hydration and awareness for my patients. I leave her classes and put the techniques to use right away! 

-Rene Bates, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC

Ellyn and her continuing education classes are truly inspirational. The first class I took with her, I was hooked and keeping coming back for more. She is incredibly knowledgeable but also very relatable which makes for a powerful teacher. She constantly encourages her students to interact, ask questions, give feedback and be present which allows for students to be fully engaged and tuned in. She splits up class time by allowing time for lecture and hands on work, making sure we understand the anatomy and mental aspect, so we can take that knowledge and use it when we practice our newly learned techniques. When students are working hands on, she makes sure to walk around the classroom and give each person individualized attention. Making sure they feel completely comfortable and confident in what they are doing, have intention and purpose in their work, and using the property body mechanics so that they do the massage at their smartest and most efficient. I will continue to attend her classes because I learn something new every time and appreciate the review. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better and more aware therapist!

-Carina Kozlowski, LMT

I have been through several major life changes recently, including the loss of 40 pounds and the termination of a significant relationship. While therapy helped with the necessary mental changes, Rolfing with Ellyn became the key to healing my physical self.

-Robert M.

You literally have changed my life and world and I owe you a tremendous amount of gratitude. Thank you.

-Donald B, LMT


It is my belief that no modality is any better than the practitioner behind it and Ellyn is an extremely competent therapist who works with compassion, understanding and integrity, creating a safe environment.

-Christopher B, LMT

Ellyn is an imaginative instructor, I say that because she brings subjects to life that often times can be boring and repetitive. She brings humor, real-life examples, hands-on instruction that is individualized and a keen sense of wonder for the human body. She sparks imagination in her students through visual aids, interactive practicing of newly learned and often forgotten techniques. Laughter is a key ingredient, respectful work and thought-provoking questions makes me keep returning to learn more. I would totally recommend her classes without hesitation.

-Julie Toston, LMT                                                                                                        

Ellyn’s course was extremely comprehensive. She did an amazing job really teaching and being open to all members of the class and giving input. I look forward to taking more of her classes!

–Leanna Guerra, LMT

Ellyn is an outstanding role model and instructor. I have had the pleasure of experiencing several of her continuing education classes. She teaches a top-notch series in Fascia and her course in Ethics is also excellent and thorough, complimented by her degree in psychology. Her style of teaching is simple and fluid with materials, resources, and hands on presentations that are excellent quality and clarity.
I have never felt overwhelmed with the pace of the class or amount of material presented; as well as there is a nice balance between lecture, demonstration, and practice. With each class, I have left with a “golden nugget” – a technique or client instruction that I have incorporated into my own current practice and each has proven to be invaluable.
I highly recommend taking a course instructed by Ellyn, it will be a truly enjoyable learning experience!

-Lisa Harper, BS, LMT

Through Rolfing, Ellyn has been able to help both my husband and myself improve not only our specific areas of pain, but also our overall heath and well-being.

-Valerie & John W.


Ellyn is a great teacher! I have taken many of her classes because they are well planned and executed, and her communication skills are excellent. She listens well and gives clear instructions while keeping things fun! She believes that massage therapists are educators and she seeks to help build our skills to facilitate that.

–Theresa Cox, LMT

After my automobile accident, I began to have a serious increase in my asthma symptoms. After my first Rolfing session with Ellyn, the symptoms were at least 80% improved!

-Sharon S.


A truly enjoyable way to earn needed CEUs, learn some new, valuable techniques, ones that in my case will be very personable and professionally applicable. Ellyn is great!

– Nancy Hopps, LMT