5 Ways That Working with Fascia Can Enhance Your Practice

Ellyn talks about how working with and understanding fascia can truly benefit your practice.


Photo credit Dr. J.C. Guimberteau

Photo credit Dr. J.C. Guimberteau

The fascia in our bodies is a ubiquitous and mysterious matrix. Its purpose has only recently been discussed and discovered. Research is being done to attempt to understand and explain exactly what the functions and properties of this substance or “new organ” are. In fact, the Fifth Fascia Research Congress was just held in November, 2018 in Berlin to discuss more findings.

In our Fascia CE classes, we discuss some of the properties of fascia that are known to this date and the benefits of working with fascia along with many useful and effective techniques to immediately apply in your practice.

Here are 5 ways that working with the fascia can enhance your practice:

1)   Fascia is everywhere so addressing it through manual therapy can produce profound results.

2)   It is possible that fascia may have a lot more to do with pain than we have historically realized due to its relationship to the nervous system.

3)   The techniques focus on slow, purposeful, and deep unwinding of stuck tissues, which can provide lasting relief for your clients.

4)   This style of manual therapy is much easier on your body as a therapist than most forms of traditional “massage”.

5)   Fascia is becoming more known as a “buzz word” in the yoga, Pilates, and bodywork communities as well as the news media so clients are curious and more educated about its role.


Come and join us in our CE classes to discuss the art and science of fascia and learn new and effective techniques for helping your clients to feel and remain better!


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